The SAHARA Las Vegas is Back!

In 1947, a gentleman by the name of Milton Prell opened a casino called Club Bingo on the North End of the Las Vegas Strip. 5 years later, Club Bingo would become a luxury hotel and casino to stand the test of time.

At a cost of $5 million dollars, the Hotel Sahara was opened on October 7, 1952. It would remain as the Sahara until May 16, 2011 during a 58 year run. SBE Entertainment was the owner at the time, and the property stay closed until a full renovation was completed. That refit (costing $415 Million) opened the property as the SLS on August 23, 2014.

SBE sold the SLS in April of 2018 after it struggled to find its identity to the Meruelo Group from Reno. That's where the history took a wonderful turn this week. SLS has been rebranded as the Sahara Las Vegas!

As reported here, the announcement was made back in June. It's taken since then to fully implement the Sahara brand throughout. The Sahara has been a staple on the North End of the Strip for so many years, we thought it would be cool for you to know the history.