"The Terry Bradshaw Show" at Luxor

He's a Hall of Fame Quarterback from the Pittsburgh Steelers, a Broadcaster on Fox NFL Sunday, and now has his own show at Luxor.

Terry Bradshaw will appear in a 70 minute show from August 1st - 4th.  It's a variety of comedy, singing, dance and stories from his past and present showcasing his unique style for life.

Appearing with Bradshaw will be two Star performers from the show Fantasy at Luxor,  Lorena Peril and Anne Martinez.

“The Terry Bradshaw Show” also includes Emmy Award winner, Anita Mann, as director and producer, Beverly Jeanne as executive producer and musical direction by Smokin’ Joe Escriba. The show was written by Jon Macks with original songs by David Goldsmith and John Kavanaugh.

Terry Bradshaw Show.jpg