The Mob Museum Has a New Speak Easy!

The Mob Museum is making news again with the opening of a new Exhibit in the basement. It's called The Underground; and It comes complete with a Speak Easy and working Distillery!

Their Overview provides a great description:

Travel back in time to the Prohibition era, when thousands of speakeasies operating in hard-to-find places satisfied the nation’s thirst for forbidden spirits.  Informative and entertaining exhibits, videos and artifacts tell the stories of the Roaring Twenties, which saw the rise of flappers, jazz and the Mob.

The speakeasy exhibit is built around a well-stocked bar and a stage for evening entertainment, creating a lively environment inspired by that bygone age!

Name the Pot Contest:

What's also cool about the Underground is their  Artisan Copper Pot for distilling Moon Shine. 

It's such a big part of The Underground, The Mob Museum would like you to help name it.  Simply go to The Mob Museum on Instagram, follow their instructions and submit your choice for a name.  

The Winner will receive a two night stay at the El Cortez Hotel and Casino, a $100 Speak Easy Bar Tab; and a bottle of Moon Shine!

Mob Museum The Underground.jpg