A World Championship Event for Overton, Nevada!

From Las Vegas, we’re heading down the highway to Overton, Nevada.  A World Championship Event in the sport of Wingsuit Flying will be taking place in November.

Wingsuit Flying is a version of extreme skydiving and is now in its 2nd Year as a Championship Sport.  Here’s the Official Release on this year’s Event:

The TOP Wingsuit flyers from around the globe will get together at Skydive Fyrosity℠, Overton, NV to compete in one of the most challenging skydiving competitions – The 2nd FAI World cup of Wingsuit Flying.

From November 1st – 9th, 2017, 50-70 athletes from over 10 countries and five continents will test their mental and physical strength against each other in two disciplines – Performance Flying and Acrobatic Flying.

For years, wingsuit flying has allowed humans to realize the age-old dream of personal human flight - Zipping through the air like Superman.  With the invention of the modern wingsuit, growth of pilot skills; and wingsuit technology in the last 2 decades, this dream is now a reality.

Today, we live in a spectacular and adventurous new era of aerial sports as we make Wingsuit flying history – this is a World level competition!

The 2nd FAI World Cup of Wingsuit flying will crown the best wingsuit pilot – the fastest, the toughest and the most accurate one will take the gold.

https://www.skydivefyrositylasvegas.com/wingsuitworldcup2017/ for more information.

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