Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey

12 years ago this week, the worst Hurricane in American History decimated Gulf Coast States from Louisiana to Florida.  It was Hurricane Katrina who came ashore as a Category 5 Storm and leveled everything in its path.  Susan and I were working in Biloxi, Mississippi at the time. 

The Casino barges we represented were thrown around like rag dolls, our home looked like a combat zone in the backyard, our roof took quite a beating; and had to be replaced in several sections; and when we finally had the opportunity to clean up, we had a six foot pile of debris that stretched from one side of our property to the other on the curb out front.

Devastation was everywhere after Katrina; and eventually led to Susan and I starting a new life out west.  The weeks leading up to our move were the hardest.  Cleaning up, walking through neighborhoods that used to be full of life; but the one thing sustaining us, volunteers and professionals from all fields of experience to help us put things back together.  The biggest contributions came from the American Red Cross.

This week, we have another devastating Hurricane in Texas.  While Harvey isn’t through, the people in Houston; and all around the path of Harvey face a long road ahead.  Harvey came ashore as a Category 4.  While Katrina was more powerful, she didn’t have the rain Harvey has; and Harvey has made more streets, roads and rivers rushing waterways.  Local Officials are reporting, Rivers alone are cresting 2 to 4 feet over normal.  More than 3,000 water rescues are being reported thus far.

Harvey has dropped over 11 trillion gallons of water on Texas so far.  Harvey has forced over 10,000 people into shelters thus far and rising.  The Houston Convention Center has been opened to shelter in, as well as a local furniture retailer.  Gallery Furniture has opened up their two showrooms in Houston as shelters for flood victims.  Their stores are stocked with food, water and mattresses.

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