The Circus has come to Paris Hotel and Casino!

Step right up, the circus is coming to Paris Las Vegas.

The producers of the world’s biggest magic show, “The Illusionists,” have teamed up with the award-winning puppeteers from “War Horse” to bring “CIRCUS 1903 – The Golden Age of Circus” to the Las Vegas Strip.

The show takes audiences on a journey back to the turn of the century, a time when the big top was a big deal when it came to town.

“CIRCUS 1903 – The Golden Age of Circus” has all the thrills and chills you expect from the circus – amazing and dangerous circus acts from all four corners of the world, contortionists, strong men, acrobats and high wire acts, plus an exciting new twist.

Elephants, the majestic animals associated with the circus, are back in the ring like you’ve never seen them before. The award-winning team of puppeteers and model makers who created “War Horse,” brings to life two stunningly beautiful elephant puppets for this show. The puppets appear throughout the show as the mother teaches her calf the tricks of the trade. Their movements are so lifelike you’ll think you’re watching the real thing.

“CIRCUS 1903 –The Golden Age of Circus” is designed by scenic artist Todd Ivins and set in a decadent circus tent. The first act is set in front of the circus with trucks, props and rigging. The second part of the show features the tent, flagpoles and rigging being raised into the roof of the theater.

Costumes for the Las Vegas show are designed by Angela Aaron, whose impeccable recreations of original turn-of-the-century circus costumes were inspired by authentic photograph collections and historical museum pieces.

No circus would be complete without its music. The soundtrack of “CIRCUS 1903 –The Golden Age of Circus” embodies the time period and accentuates the thrill and danger of the acts.